Tweedsmuir Park is located in west central British Columbia on the western limit of the Chilcotin. It is truly a wilderness park, with virtually no development of any kind. Within the park is a large portion of the traditional Nuxalk-Carrier Grease Trail, over which the First Nations people guided Alexander Mackenzie on his way to Bella Coola and the Pacific in 1797. It has become known as the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail.

Rainbow rangeHere, the Rainbow Range, the result of ancient volcanic activity, butts up against the granite peaks and glaciers of the Coast Range. The weathering of the glaciers over the volcanic mountains, combined with the warm and wet influence of the Pacific, has created lush, alpine meadows and a tremendous variety and abundance of wildflowers.

Grizzly bears, mountain goats, moose, deer, caribou and wolves are found throughout the Rainbows as well as marmots, wolverines, ptarmigan, grouse, hawks, owls and eagles.

The terrain lends itself to exploration by horseback or on foot. Elevation changes are not dramatic, but we are often hiking or riding over alpine without established trails. Hiking is ranked as moderate in difficulty.


Photos © Chris Harris
Rainbow Range Rainbow Mountains, showing volcanic influence Rainbow Mountains
Rainbow Mountains and Chilcotin valley Wildflowers in the Chilcotin's Tweedsmuir Park Hiking in the Rainbow Mountains

Panoramic view of hiking in the Rainbow Mountains

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